Rapper Young Jeezy Donates $1 Million to the Jay Morrison Academy

Rapper Young Jeezy Donates $1 Million to the Jay Morrison Academy

GOOD DEED: Rapper’s scholarship donation will help students succeed in the real estate market


Young Jeezy is proving that he knows how to use his platform and money for a good cause.

The Atlanta rapper recently posted to his Instagram account a picture of him with a $1 million check that he and his Street Dreamz Foundation are donating to the real estate company Jay Morrison Academy.

With the…

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The Maroons Freedom Fighters

The Maroons Freedom Fighters


The pacification of the Maroons

The Jamaican Maroons are descended from Africans who fought and escaped from slavery and established free communities in the mountainous interior of Jamaica during the long era of slavery on the island.


New York, Slave revolt, Freedom Fight

The Maroons were escaped slaves. They ran away from their Spanish-owned plantations when the British took the Caribbean…

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Dear White People (Trailer)

Been looking all over for this.

Honestly, can we just agree on that? Can we just agree that the price you pay for white privilege is not being allowed to say one word in the English language? It’s not that fucking hard to comprehend

I’m going to have to re-blog this like once a day or something.

Please do.

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